ADNA are committed to umpiring development, and promoting the idea that umpiring should be seen as an integral part of the great game of netball - not just something that happens on the sidelines!

A good umpire can make all the difference to a match, and it is important that players and coaches alike give their full support to umpires for the full duration of a game - including pre-match checks.

Who looks after the Umpires?

ADNA’s Technical Committee

We are here to provide advice and guidance on all umpiring matters. We host courses on behalf of Netball Scotland, providing ‘C’ Award and ‘B’ Award days. We are ‘B’ umpires working towards our ‘A’ Awards and some of us are umpire testers. If you would like advice on what will happen during your test, or would like a 'mock' practical test, please get in touch. 

What Do I Need?

As an umpire, you are officiating a match with a co-umpire. You will also provide an official scorer for the match too.

As an official, you should be dressed accordingly – this should be a while top and a white skier or shorts. This is to distinguish you from the players on court.

A whistle, obviously! Finger whistles are HIGHLY recommended, as it makes hand signals much easier.

Score Cards – ADNA has produced its own for use at matches. You can download them below.

Scorers and timekeepers are also match officials, and MUST arrive at a match fully prepared with a scorecard and a stopwatch (phones should NOT be used to time), and with a full understanding of how to score. A guide is available below:

An up-to-date Rules Book, available at Netball Scotland - good for everyone, both players and umpires.

 How Do I Become An Umpire?

Contact your Club’s Umpiring Co-ordinator – every club should have one.

Contact the Technical Committee who can steer you in the right direction.

Contact Netball Scotland - all will be able to offer advice on up and coming courses in the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire areas.

Once you have attended a course, you need to build up a bank of hours umpiring. Once you feel confident and ready, contact Netball Scotland to arrange testing.

C tests consist of a written paper, for which you have 30 minutes to complete, and a practical assessment, which consists of two 15 minute sections of match play, when you are observed and given constructive feedback.

Procedure for requesting tests can be found on the NS website, and will have been given to you at your course.

 What Other Support Can ADNA’s Technical Committee Give?

An ear for listening! If you deal with an incident on court and you just want advice, drop us an email. The ADNA Handbook also gives lots of good advice for Umpires, with documents in the Appendices appropriate to umpiring. Your Club Secretary will have a copy of the current ADNA Handbook.

 Useful Links

 Courses - http://www.netballscotland.com/coachingumpiring

Sample Test Papers ‘C’ Awards - http://www.englandnetball.co.uk/make-the-game/officiating/Application_Forms/Sample_Exam_Papers

Clothing and Equipment - http://www.netballuk.co.uk/acatalog/Netball_UK_catalogue_Umpires_21.html

Advice on Umpiring - http://www.umpiringnetball.com/